Camping Les Bois Du Chatelas

France / Drôme
About the campsite At the gates of Drôme provençale, cradled by the warm southern climate and the fresh Alpine air, the camping Les Bois du Châtelas has an exceptional natural environment. With panoramic views towards the mountains, your holiday will have all the ingredients needed for a really successful holiday. Adults will be able to enjoy the fun swimming pool with a lake and river while the children enjoy the Junior club at the campsite. With lavender fields and olive tree orchards, the campsite has fun sports activities and relaxing activities to suit all the family! After a long day, in the evenings the entertainment team will organise games, karaoke and dance evenings for some unforgettable times. Enjoy the upmarket accommodation to fill up those energy reserves in a really cosy place.
 Camping Les Bois du Chatelas Bourdeaux Rhône-Alpes France Beta
Camping Les Bois Du Chatelas 1115 Route de Dieulefit 26460 Bourdeaux, France / Drôme
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